We tend to forget how much information we have in us: beliefs, patterns in the way we think, feel and observe, our perception of what life is and of who we are. Learn more relating to %%link%%.

This information is automatically available, meaning we don’t have to do efforts for those beliefs to reveal themselves. We automatically react. At the same time we can’t remember how and when we learned all this. Does it come out of my family? Is it part of my religion? Is it part of my country? Education-related? Language-related?  Gender-related? … We mostly don’t know.

At the same time we have a longing in common to experience the sacred, although also the word ‘sacred’ itself comes out of one’s perception – means something different for everyone -. The sacred can only be experienced, not explained.

We often look for those experiences ‘far away’, forgetting all information in us is sacred the moment we open doors, broaden our view and become conscious of what is in us and how it relates

Lovely Monday to all!